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Terms & Conditions 


Deposit money should be paid no more than 24 hours after the booking confirmation email is received. Your party will not be confirmed until the deposit money is received. Deposits are non-refundable. By paying your party booking deposit you are entering into a binding agreement between Magical Moments and the name of the client on the booking.



You acknowledge that all risks associated with your child’s birthday party are your responsibility. Magical Moments accepts no liability for accidental damage or injury to property or persons.

There should be no more than 25 children per entertainer, your entertainer has the right to refuse the party if this is not strictly followed.


You accept that the characters attending your party have no association with any copyrighted or named brand characters.


When you fill out a party booking, we may collect and store personal information such as –

  • Your full name

  • Your telephone number(s)

  • Your email address

This information is stored only for the use of your party booking and/or further party bookings that you may book in the future.

If you are wishing for something in particular at your party, please let us know prior to the party. We will contact you on the week of the booking, at least 4 days prior to the party.



It is the organisers responsibility to inform us if any children have allergies to glitter tattoos or face paints before the party begins and the child therefore does not wish to participate in these activities. It is the organisers responsibility to inform us if there are any children attending the party that are not to be used in our promotional material e.g., Instagram, Facebook, website etc.


The price of your party is based on the number of entertainers required and the party duration. The party content will slightly differ depending on the duration, stated in the party package breakdown.



Company disclaimer-

Magical moments by Emily May does not claim to have any relation to The Walt Disney company or any of its partners. The company does not wish to violate or infringe on any copyright laws. Our characters are based on old storybook fables which were made up and originated before Disney was created. Any similarities are unintentional and purely coincidental. Clients hoping to book a party with Magical Moments must be in acceptance that our characters are not at all representing copyrighted characters or their stories. Our characters should not be confused with the characters trademarked by Walt Disney.

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